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Florida Trip 2011

 If you ever have anxiety over traveling, don't. I know that's easier said than done, but believe me when I say it is totally worth the anxiety.

I have bad anxiety when it comes to a lot of social things. Whether it's a party or making plans where I have to travel or going on a trip, especially a large one like Florida. A lot of the time I just end up not wanting to go, figuring forgoeing the trip and the associated anxiety is easier. 

It is easier. And I almost backed out of this trip.

I am so glad I didn't. 

I had the best time! We road tripped from Waterloo, Ontario all the way down to Florida. We stopped in Tennessee (they thought we were crazy for swimming in the outdoor pool in May. We simply explained we didn't mind at all, we were Canadian.) On our second night we made it to Lake City, Florida. Then on to Clearwater, Tampa, and Orlando! 

While in Clearwater we went to the beach (which is on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico) and we saw this little shack selling tickets for parasailing. Me and Olivia are both scared of heights. But for some reason we still walked away with tickets and an hour later, we were 800 feet up! We saw a hammerhead shark near the surface of the water and promptly lost our shit, but all in all it was one of the best experiences of my life.

And of course, Orlando. We did the trifecta: Sea World, Disney World, and Universal Studios! When I was a kid, we never went to Disney, and I would be lying if I said Disney wasn't my main motivation on this trip! It did not disappoint. We managed to hop to every park, plus a water park! 

Universal was so much fun too. I was mostly excited for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I may or may not have purchased a wand... See my post on the Wizarding World here) but was actually really impressed the whole park. 

On our way back we stopped in North Carolina and went to a NASCAR race which was awesome. By the time I made it home, I was tired but so unbelievably happy that I went.