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Greetings from the Snow Globe!

I finally made it to Banff after the flight from hell, a night spent sleeping at an airport, and many other bumps in the road. 
I spent 10 hours waiting in the Toronto Airport for a majorly delayed flight, finally made it on the flight but it didn’t get into Calgary until midnight. So I set up camp in the airport on the couches (which were comfier than I expected and I did actually sleep a little). Finally caught the bus transfer at 10am the next morning and was all checked in to Staff Housing by 1pm. 
But… I MADE IT! And it is so gorgeous. It was super nice the first few days I was here, then it rained yesterday, and then last night it SNOWED! It’s May, and it snowed. I have to remind myself I am in the Rockies, and the weather will be ridiculously unpredictable... 
I did not pack for this wintery weather, so I had to run into town today and buy winter boots. Thankfully shops around here do still sell winter gear, so I picked up a pair of boots, and some other more weather appropriate footwear. 
I am loving my job so far! Blew my trainer away the first time they let me speak on the phones (instead of just listening in on the calls). They are super impressed and I am relieved that I am pretty good at it! I’m going to be working on my own on Monday, and then I have a belated orientation (since I didn’t make it in time for the one last week). 
Depending on what the weather is like tomorrow, I might head out for a hike to the Bow Falls. 
Living the adventure,