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GlamGlow FlashMud Review

I believe the first time I ever heard about GlamGlow, it was in an Estee Lalonde video... And I didn't think much of it. She obviously loved it, but I couldn't understand the appeal. A lot of money for this tiny little pot of a face mask.

My best friend took me shopping for my birthday and we got our faces all done up in Sephora (because we arethat cool). On our way to the counter, I spotted it. And I thought, why not?

WHY NOT. It's a-freaking-mazing. Hands down the best pick-me-up for your skin. The best exfoliator in my (massive) collection. The instructions say to use it every other day, but I only have to use it about twice a week. I use a small amount (you don't need much), and really scrub it into my skin in a circular motion until my whole face is covered. Then you just sit back and set your iPhone timer for 20 minutes. Voila, wash it off. Super smooth, healthy, glow-y (GASP) skin.

Is it expensive? Yup. Is it 100% worth it? HELL YES. I will be repurchasing, and I'm even considering trying out the various other GlamGlow's (SuperMud, YouthMud, etc).

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