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Abraham Lake

This place is so beautiful. The water was incredibly blue, and it was such a nice day to just trek along the shore and take photos. Unfortunately we were a little late in the season to catch any good shots of the bubbles that form under the ice in the winter. Because it is a man made lake, in the winter months gas bubbles freeze while attempting to breech the surface and it creates magical looking rings just under the ice surface. Regardless, we still had an amazing time.

Abraham Lake is about an hour and a half from Lake Louise and pretty close to Nordegg. A few friends invited me to tag along, and of course I said yes. Road trips are honestly the best thing ever. We headed up the Icefields Parkway and then took an eastbound highway out towards the lake. It's not marked AT ALL, so if you head out that way make sure you have your GPS on so you know where to pull over.

Cerulean blue and aqua water as far as the eye can see, and it had the coolest ice formation I've ever seen. It was like millions of individual columns of ice all clung together. Breathtaking. Also fun to smash the crap out of with your boots!

Yes, that is me on top of the extremely dangerous rock formation... While this was exhilarating and a once in a lifetime photo opportunity, it was very unsafe and it does have signs discouraging people from climbing it. It would have been all too easy to step on the wrong rock and go tumbling down. That being said, I was also wearing flimsy running shoes and not really dressed for scrambling.

Have you explored your own backyard lately?


  1. Abraham Lake looks amazing! I don't think I've seen anything quite that picturesque in a long time...Where is this located?