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Staying in Banff on a Budget

I had a couple days off  and obviously some time to kill. While Lake Louise is wonderful, most of the friends I have from living out here before live in Banff. So I packed my overnight bag and hopped on a bus!

Now Banff isn't cheap. Most places in Banff National Park are not cheap. It's a major tourist destination with a pretty heavy focus on luxury travel, but that doesn't mean you can't make it work. You just have to know your options and be open minded. 

A lot of people don't like the idea of staying in a hostel, and that's absolutely fine. Most people picture hostels as sharing a room with 12 people and getting your stuff stolen and dirty communal bathrooms. BUT that isn't ALL hostels. Accommodation is most likely going to be your biggest fixed expense while looking into a trip (after airfare if needed). The more you can save on accommodation, the more you can spend doing other things you really want to do!

My personal recommendation for Banff is YWCA Banff Mountain Hotel, as it offers both dorm rooms and private rooms. Not only are they one of the most inexpensive places to stay in Banff, they are also located less than a two minute walk from Downtown Banff. 

They offer dorm style rooms (~$35/night) and private rooms (~$65/night). I have stayed in the dorms before, which is your typical six bunk beds. They have lock boxes underneath each bunk so you can secure your more expensive belongings, and the bathroom is inside the room. They don't do co-ed dorms. 

View from my room!
I am currently staying in one of their private rooms. It's quite spacious with a beautiful view. A bed, desk, closet, phone, ice bucket... and that's about it. The bathrooms are just down the hall, but they are super clean, with a sink, toilet, and shower and they lock (obviously). For the price, it is totally worth it. 

View from my room!
Especially in the summer months I would recommend calling ahead and making reservations, as they do get quite busy with summer tourists and groups!

Safe Travels!

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