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Banff Lake Cruise

The Banff Lake Cruise is on Lake Minnewanka. We lucked out with the weather and it as absolutely beautiful out on the water. I have done this cruise a few times, and the views never get old. 

If you can get an outdoor seat you might get a little wet, but it will be absolutely worth it for the amazing photos you will get. 

Unfortunately we didn't see any wildlife while we were on the cruise, but a lot of the time you can catch glimpses of bears and mountain goats. They love hanging around this area. 

Fun fact, there is an old village that is now submerged underwater on the shore of the lake. There used to be a village on the banks of Lake Minnewanka, but when they constructed the most recent dam in the area, the lake rose so high that you have to go scuba diving to see it!

Lake Minnewanka, check.

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