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Cave and Basin Hot Springs

To be quite honest, I'd never even considered visiting the Cave and Basin Hot Springs. I lived in Banff for almost a year, and I thought it sounded like the most boring place ever. And while there isn't amazing vistas or towering mountains or epic waterfalls, there is this incredible piece of history that also happens to be amazingly beautiful.

The water of the spring itself is such a variance of blues and greens and it looks so eerie and beautiful nestled in this tiny little cave. The story goes that a few men working on the railroad way back in the 1800's wandered off and discovered this cave. I guess they tried to cash in on it, charging admission for people to soak in the "magical" waters. Eventually, some pretty important people discovered this little gem as well, and it was the reason the National Park was created. 

(Fun fact, did you know that Banff National Park is the oldest National Park in Canada?)

The property is filled with historical information, and plenty of knowledgeable staff. There are informational videos and replicas,  and even some fun photo booths where you can put yourself in photos and send them to your friends and family (for free!).

Although this place can get a little stinky (hot springs are like that, with all the sulfur it smells like rotten eggs. A lot of rotten eggs...) it is an amazing place to visit. It's also budget friendly... only $4 admission!

Where to next?!

Cave and Basin Hot Springs... Check.

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