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Emerald Lake & Natural Bridge

Emerald Lake is actually in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. Which was really cool because it was my first (official) time I have visited British Columbia! (The first time was unofficial because we only ended up there because I don't know how to take directions and got off at the wrong exit and drove us into BC by accident. Whoops.)

Like so many other places in this area, Emerald Lake is so peaceful and still. There weren't a lot of people around, so it was nice to just stroll through the Emerald Lake Lodge property. That is where we found this awesome little fire pit with an epic view of the lake.

The path that you can see of just grass coming down the mountain is actually avalanche-created. I guess a few years ago there was an avalanche so strong that it wiped out all the trees in it's path. You can see where the regrowth has finally begun at the sides. 

Very close to Emerald Lake is the Natural Bridge. It's basically a natural stone bridge that spans across the raging river below. The current here is very strong. The bridge probably did stretch across the entire river at some point, but now it has very wide gaps in several spots (which I was not brave enough to jump over, though some people were...)

It was so loud here, we could barely hear each other even though we were standing right next to one another. The way the water has eroded the stone makes them look like something from out of this world.

It's crazy to think how rapidly things like this all around the world are changing. They are aging, eroding, and decaying. Eventually, there will be no bridge here. Years from now, people will never get to see this. It's very humbling to travel through the Rockies. I know that so many things I get to see (glaciers, the Natural Bridge, the lakes) will one day be gone. It makes me want to travel and see everything before it's too late.

Emerald Lake, check.

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