16 Insane (But True) Things About Mountain Living

Sometimes when I talk about my day to day life with friends and family back home, I get the feeling that they don't quite get it. The daily struggles, and perks, of living in the Mountains. Maybe not all mountain living is like Lake Louise living, but I can assume every mountain town/village has similar nuances. So I compiled a list of 16 Insane (But True) Things About Mountain Living.

  • You will see bears. You will fear for your life. You will want to run, and you can't. 
  • It snows at least once a month. Even in August. (Especially in August.)
  • You voluntarily work weekends to avoid the super crowded streets, attractions, and tourists.
  • You go to "Church". At midnight. At a bar. (It's not really Church, in case you couldn't guess.)
  • You will let your friends buy you a Shaft at the bar. You will drink it, even though they refuse to tell you what's in it. You'll like it, a lot. And order a second.
  • The Emergency Helicopter will fly by and you'll think "Well, someone died on their hike today."
  • God forbid, you will grow accustomed to not eating fast food. Because there is no fast food. Only overpriced burgers and sweet potato fries... 
  • Sweat pants are acceptable at the bar. (Why would we ever leave the mountains after knowing this?)
  • The fact that it's 4 degrees Celsius on a mid-August morning will not surprise you. 
  • Driving to the nearest town to get groceries is a "Day Trip". You invite all your friends, take lots of selfies, and create a Snapchat story for it. (Most likely stopping for Timmies or McDonalds while you're there, because HELLO.)
  • When winter comes (in September, eyeroll) your walk to work turns into a scene from Narnia. 
  • You will learn how to swear in multiple languages. TABARNAK!
  • The morning after the bar, you'll have six more friends on Facebook you can't remember meeting. 
  • Half of your things are at other people's houses 99% of the time. Clothes, dishes, in some peoples cases (PAIGE), even your phone. 
  • You will have hungover group chats that consist entirely of gifs. 
  • You will have the time of your life.
While our lives aren't exactly normal, they are great. Just watch out for Bear Poop ;)

Kenzie OUT!

*Special thanks to my LLI Britches for helping me out <3


  1. 2000-2002. You forgot giving your direct supervisor the finger in the morning as the pass by you hitchhiking up the hill to work at Ski Louise

    1. Haha that's too funny! And I can totally see it happening :P

  2. Awesome truth...

  3. forgot...we always carry winter survival gear & food in our cars all year round..

    1. It's just common sense in the mountains, right? Silly ontarians think it's overkill, what do they know!

  4. I would love to live on a mountain, at least for a while, Kenzie! How long would you suggest living there?


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