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Cascade Gardens

On my last trip into Banff, I went a little off the beaten track and explored an area that I've always seen, walked by a million times, but never really took notice of.

Cascade Gardens sits at the very end of Banff Avenue and when you stand at the front entrance you have an amazing view of Banff Avenue and Cascade Mountain. The structure on site is owned by Parks Canada now, but apparently it used to be a Sanatorium and a Hotel in the past. 

The garden consists of pathways leading every which way, flower beds of amazing and vibrant colours, and wooden and stone structures that make you feel like you've stepped back in time. The entire property is surrounded by a wrought iron gate and fence, but it is open to the public.

Everywhere I looked there was another colour, another type of flower, another cute little structure nestled in the garden. It feels so magical to just stroll through this beautiful space. Cascade Gardens is definitely a hidden gem within Banff, and even though it might not be as thrilling as the Gondola or the Lake Cruise, it is incredibly beautiful and worth a visit if you are staying or living in the area. 

I also tried to get a photo of this beauty of a horse, but she was having NONE of it! Every time I would put the camera down, she would look up. A little frustrating, but it made for a cute shot anyway!

A few more photos of the magical garden... Anyone else get Harry Potter vibes?!

Cascade Gardens, check!

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