5 Most Insta-Worthy Locations in the Rockies

I'm all about appreciating the beauty in your own backyard. I just happen to be lucky enough to call the Rocky Mountains my backyard (at least for a little while longer). Today I'm sharing with you the 5 Most Insta-Worthy Spots in the Rockies!

1. Moraine Lake
Is it any wonder that Moraine Lake is number one on my list? Not really. Nothing really compares to those majestic peaks. Be sure to climb the rock pile to get the best unobstructed views. It's a great place to get a solo shot of yourself, or you and your friends, in front of this epic backdrop. Don't be afraid (but do be careful) to climb out on the rocks to get away from the crowds.

2. Lake Louise
Of course, this is the view 99.9% of tourists come for. And it's no wonder- this is an iconic view with a variety of angles, foregrounds, and weather conditions to choose from. Lake Louise looks stunning ALL the time, even if the mountains are shrouded in clouds. 

3. Pipestone River
This one is a little bit more tucked away and private. Unless you stumble onto it by chance, you wouldn't really know that this incredibly picturesque backdrop was only steps away from the bustling Samson Mall. Just take the stairs down from the back of Laggan's Delicatessen and you come out to a bridge that offers this amazing view. 

 4. Cascade Gardens
This is another one of my favourites, simply for the variety of backdrops and settings you will find scattered throughout the property. From Cascade Mountain towering in the background to the sweet little bridges and wooden and stone structures, there are endless possibilities.

5. Johnston Canyon
This place is truly incredible. Parts of Johnston Canyon look like they are from a whole other world. Waterfalls and rock formations, canyon walls and mossy banks surround you as you hike through. Absolutely stunning views, no matter where you look. 

Where are the top insta-worthy spots in YOUR backyard?


  1. Oh my gracious! Though where we live has many local beaches, it doesn't beat where you are! Soon Rocky Mountains...soon enough you will be visited.

  2. These photos are so pretty! I've always thought that mountains make for some of the most beautiful photos. Lovely job :)

  3. I live in a mountaineous place myself. But wow.. your place has a very different beauty. Lovely pics. Nature at its best :D

  4. These photos are stunning! Absolutely surreal.
    xx Nicole

  5. These photos are stunning! I LOVE photos of Lake Louise. I've never been there but I can't wait to visit one day. So gorgeous!

    1. The pictures never do it justice, a must-see for sure!

  6. Wow! You've captured the beauty of these places in a very personal way. I want to go there.

  7. WOW! These photos are simply breathtaking!!! Love the vibrant colors <3 xo, sharon


  8. Gorgeous pics lady! http://www.rakbo.com/making-the-most-of-your-first-days-at-a-foreign-university/

  9. Girl these spots look absolutely BREATHTAKING! I need to get out and travel more haha

  10. These photos are breathtaking! Some of them seem unreal!

  11. These are INCREDIBLE. Just pinned to my bucket list board :)


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