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Beautiful Day in Brighton

Let me start this off by saying I wish I had spent more time in Brighton. It is such a bright, vibrant place to be. It has amazing and quirky shops, amazing restaurants, and an amazing seafront. I grew up in a small town by a beach, so this was kind of like coming home for me. 

The water was beautiful, but so cold! Some insane people were actually swimming, which I can't even begin to understand!

Walking along the seafront was so relaxing, and I kept stumbling on cute little seafront stores, and cute little displays like the one pictured above. Brighton seems like a very relaxed, active community. There were SO many runners along my walk, and also SO many dogs!

I knew as soon as I started walking towards the sea from the train station that I was going to love this little town. Fun fact, this was one of the places I had considered living when I was first considering getting a UK Visa. I had heard so many good things about Brighton that it had made it to my Top 3. 

It seems they are making serious improvements along the seafront, and this spot above looked particularly new, and absolutely stunning. Could you imagine having a small wedding ceremony here, with the sea in the background? YES PLEASE. 

*Sidenote: I also had lunch in Brighton. It was delicious, but the service was horrendous, therefore, I won't be talking about it in this post, or anywhere for that matter. My Mom always said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. This is a real shame because I was really looking forward to including some food recommendations.

The next time I venture to Brighton, I am definitely going to make it more than just a day trip. I want to explore The Lanes more thoroughly, and experience more of what Brighton has to offer. 

P.S. - Boho Gelato is literally the most incredible thing I have ever had in my life. If you are in Brighton at any point, I would highly recommend stopping in... my favourite flavour was the Carrot Cake!

All my love, 


The Beauty of Westminster Abbey

This past weekend I ventured on the tube to see Big Ben. This was my main destination, but clearly I got more than a little sidetracked. While Big Ben is very beautiful, the architecture of  Westminster Abbey caught my attention and wouldn't let go. 

I actually came up on the back of Westminster Abbey and the photo below was what first piqued my interest. I believe it is The Chapter House and Pyx Chamber. 

I walked down the path beside the abbey that brought me to the front and found more beautiful architecture. I simply can not get over how stunning and magical the abbeys and churches and cathedrals are here. I love the rich history that lends to the very gothic style.


Westminster Abbey has been the location of every royal coronation since 1066 as well as 16 Royal weddings. It is also the resting place for 17 monarchs. Quite obviously Westiminster Abbey has a rich and important history in London and the United Kingdom. 

Tickets for adults are £20 per person, and I didn't go inside because I was running a little short on time. But again, somewhere I would love to go back to and explore thoroughly. I am constantly astounded by the beauty of this city. I can't wait to see more, do more. I already have a running list of sights that I want to see next.

Until next time, 

All my love.

What to Do in Edinburgh for 1 Day

My very first out of town trip since arriving in London 10 days ago was to Edinburgh, Scotland.
When I originally got my UK Work Visa, I had chosen Edinburgh as the city I would arrive in and would try to find work there. I had no intentions of settling in London because I am not usually a huge fan of big cities. (Surprise, apparently they have to be the biggest of the cities and that makes me ADORE them. I don't regret moving to London for a second, it has been so amazing.)
However, this meant that my Resident Permit was mailed to Edinburgh. Initially I was going to have it redirected to London, but no one at the Post Office could figure out how to do that. So, I figured it would be easier (and more fun!) to just hop on a train and make a two-day trip up to Scotland.
I woke up early and took the Virgin West Coast train from Euston Station to Edinburgh Waverly. The trains in the UK could honestly be classified as roller coasters. I have never witnessed a train taking a curve that fast in my life!
The train itself was immaculately clean, with great service and a snack car, and wifi available at a charge. While it was amazing service, it was almost 5 hours each way. I think if I was to make this trip again, I would probably fly. It's cheaper and faster, and if there is one thing I hate the most, it is wasting time.
Once I arrived in Edinburgh I headed to the Post Office and collected my Resident Permit. Once I had the precious documents in hand, I made my way through the Old Town to find my hostel.
Edinburgh is pretty unique in the sense that it consists of many different levels, with staircases and hills that weave through the city and make it only a little (*cough cough* VERY) difficult to navigate. But eventually I arrived at my hostel and checked in.
I stayed at the Budget Backpackers hostel. It boasts being the cheapest hostel in Edinburgh, and I paid £14 for one night in a 4 Bed Female Dorm. They did have cheaper co-ed options with more beds, but that's just not my thing. The rooms were clean and the 4 Bed Dorm was pretty spacious with a sink located in the room. Bathrooms were down the hall and there was a dining area, and a bar/restaurant downstairs next to the lobby. I will say the bathrooms were TINY. However, that wouldn't stop me from staying there again. For the price, it was well worth it.
Once I got myself settled in the hostel, I headed out to climb to the top of Calton Hill. I wanted to get that iconic view of the monument with the cityscape in the background. I am happy to report I achieved my goal. This was a huge moment for me. From the moment I knew I would be coming to the UK I had wanted to visit this place, and see the view for myself. To experience something that I had dreamed about for so long.
It may seem small to some people, but this whole "moving across the world to a different country and traveling to places" thing had been a dream of mine for so long. And for so long I never thought I would have this opportunity.
Life is not about having opportunities. Life is about creating opportunities. Food for thought.
After Calton Hill, I promptly googled the name of the cafe where JK Rowling had begun writing the Harry Potter series. It was actually on the street right around the corner from my hostel.
The Elephant House was also one of those things I never thought I would get to see. I literally stood (and bought a latte) in the place where my childhood was born. It gave me chills. Unfortunately it's quite busy due to its popularity, but I would highly recommend popping in. The lattes are AMAZING. (Side note, I also went to Greyfriars Kirkyard, the graveyard that inspired the infamous scene in the fourth book during the Triwizard Tournament. HOWEVER, it was after dark, freezing cold, and kinda creepy. But very, very cool.)
In the morning, I opted to walk the Royal Mile (from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace. It was an incredibly beautiful morning, and while I didn't go inside either of these places, it was pretty neat to see them. And of course, they provided great photo opportunities!
This trip to Edinburgh certainly will not be my last. I hope the next time I go, I have more time to explore the amazing architecture and some of the galleries and museums. But for now, I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible.
With all my love from London,