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The very first time I came to Brighton, I knew it wouldn't be my last. I came just for the day, but I fell in love with the beach and the lanes. I fell in love with the gelato and beach-front bars and I just knew I had to come back.

And boy, did I pick the perfect time to come back for a four-day visit.

I got into Brighton on Saturday afternoon and it was warm and sunny and gorgeous. I bee-lined it for my hostel, got checked in and my bunk sorted (and maybe had a little nap), and I was delighted to find that the hostel was only mere steps from the beach-front.

So I headed down towards the West Pier and grabbed myself a seat to an epic sunset. I had only been here a little while, but I already felt so relaxed. After a few hectic weeks in London, I can't tell you how nice it was to finally unwind with a beautiful view and a cheeky Krispy Kreme donut.

I had a bit of a lie in on Sunday morning until about 9.30am. My stomach finally won it's battle though, so I got ready and headed out. Again, towards the beach, but this time I headed more towards Hove (neighbouring beachside town) and stumbled upon the infamous beach huts! I scoured the seafront for these last time I was here with no luck so I was ecstatic that I found them this time.

Once I realized however cool the beach huts were, they still weren't food, I headed back towards the Pier. Lucky Beaches seemed like as good a place as any for a beachside breakfast, and even though I did not eat the beans (I never know how to politely ask for a substitute because I HATE beans but the British LOVE beans and I don't want to be offensive...) the rest of it was absolutely delicious. I also ordered a Fizzy Passionfruit drink with my breakfast and it was super yummy.

Because the weather had blessed me for a second day in a row and it basically felt like I was in the tropics, I headed to the Tempest Inn and the lovely lady at the bar whipped me up a berry mojito sans mint (I realize I'm weird for this) in a plastic cup, and I plopped my butt in the pebbles and soaked up the sun and enjoyed my alcoholic beverage.

After getting just a little crispy, I made my way to the lanes and found Boho Gelato. I got the carrot cake and mint flavours and was not disappointed. I then realized I should probably eat a real lunch after spending a good few hours sitting on the beach and popped by the Giggling Squid for some fried rice.

Monday played out very much the same as Sunday. I swung by the Lucky Beach Cafe once again for breakfast, and spent the rest of my morning wandering on the Brighton Pier. It started off cold and overcast, but it quickly cleared up and it turned into yet another beautiful day. I ordered churros, sat on a deck chair, and enjoyed the view.

I headed into the lanes to look around and although I didn't buy anything, I spent a good few hours just browsing all the cool little shops. If you are ever in Brighton, don't forget about the North Laine! It has some incredible shops that I nearly missed out on!

Brighton has quickly become my new favourite place and a little piece of home on the sea. It's only an hour train journey from London, and offers all varieties of food, drink, and culture. And the beach. The beach doesn't hurt!

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  1. Your Website is simple, clear, has good Images and articles are short and crisp. I love it

  2. I love Brighton, it's such a beautiful city. We British do love out beans haha! That breakfast looked amazing though. I spent my weekend dong uni revision, but did manage to spend some time in the garden enjoying the sunshine :D xx

    Sophia x


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